Nesture the Soul

Master plan is sprawled over beautifully contoured land with inviting slopes on a hillock with a breathtaking panoramic view bordered by the rivulet.

A delicate balance of infrastructure, utility areas, location of dwellings, soft and hard landscaping is achieved at nesture. Infrastructure, 'Live alive', special features are thoughtfully located.

To list a few features.

  • Live hedge, trees and creepers will make the total boundary green protective and productive + compound wall if and where necessary.
  • Road, Power and Water connection will be provided to each individual plot.
  • There will be a number of rain and storm water harvesting features.
  • Streetlights/lighting in common areas and on gates and boundary will be based on solar energy or gobar gas wherever possible.
  • Windmill will be installed for lifting water from underground tank.
  • Landscaping both, hard and soft will be organic only, carefully balancing the aesthetic look and soil/water usage. Lot of importance will be given to the Ayurvedic, herbal and species to be conserved. Species chosen will be productive and decorative to justify the use of soil and water.
  • Optimum use of recycled sewage and harvested water will be done.
  • Sewage system will be based on ‘Recycle’ principle.
  • 'Evayan' to cater organic grocery/vegetables/fruits/milk and milk products at complimentary to subsidies rates.
Community Facilities:
  • Security on ‘round the clock’ duty.
  • Jogging, cycling, horse riding tracks.
  • Courtesy vehicle at subsidized rates.
  • Primary Medical center.
  • An organic health food cafeteria.
  • Vegetables and fruits orchard.
  • Goushala of indigenous breed of cows
  • Sva ‘temple to be with self’.
  • Surya upasana Kendra.
  • Yoga and meditation centers.
  • Ayurvedic / herbal center.
  • Library.
  • Music room.
  • Tele communication and internet.
  • Community hall.
  • Camp sites.
  • Traditional sports.
  • Natural pool.
  • Multipurpose performing auditorium.
  • A study center
  • The nursery


  • An additional advantage at subsidized rates as per the agreement with the society.
  1. An authentic holistic health hub specializing in integrating various positive health elements to improve, empower and transform lifestyle.

  2. A positive wellness center, where physical, mental and spiritual aspects of human personality is enhanced.

Features to be developed are organic life style/Naturopathy/ Ayurvedic treatment and blend of different therapies, all contributing to long and healthy life.

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Revised Plan Under Construction

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